Whitaker Services: The Grand Care Centre Project

Whitakers worked with McGoff and Bryne on a large project for The Grand Care Centre in Nottingham. Whitakers helped transform the 82 bed facility into a glamorous care home, providing furniture, furnishings, linens, and care home design expertise.

Whitaker Services: Fire Test

Whitakers carried out a test to show the effectiveness of fire retardant textiles. It shows how quickly a fire can take hold when a room is filled with non-fire retardant textiles and how little damage is done when fire retardant textiles have instead been used.

Lit match fire retardant bed sheet test.

This video shows how fire retardant bed sheets can successfully neutralise the fire caused by a lit match that has been left on the bed sheet. This massively reduces the risk of a fire spreading throughout the room.

Fire retardant bedding – naked flame test.

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of a Whitakers fire retardant duvet when a naked flame is placed in proximity. Damage to the FR duvet is minimal and it successfully stops the fire from spreading across the duvet and, ultimately, across the room.

Testing fire-safe cigarettes and non-fire-safe cigarettes.

This video involves the use of fire-safe cigarettes and non-fire-safe cigarettes and their effectiveness on fire retardant bedding. While the fire burned for longer with non-fire-safe cigarettes, the FR bedding performed well in both cases.

The dangers of fire and medical oxygen.

This video shows a simulation of someone who is smoking in bed whilst using medical oxygen in a care home setting. We can immediately see how dangerous this is, with the oxygen quickly igniting and turning into a blazing fire.

Medical oxygen tubing fire and fire retardant bedding.

This simulation shows what would happen if a cigarette came into contact with medical oxygen tubing and fire retardant bedding. The fire retardant bedding succeeds in preventing the spread of fire.

Cigarette and oxygen simulation with conventional bedding.

This video is a simulation of what would happen should a discarded cigarette make contact with medical oxygen tubing that is in proximity to conventional bedding. The bedding is not fire retardant.