Marc Wynne vision style awards

Marc Wynne has worked as International Sales Director for the Hospitality Division at Vision since 2010. Prior to this, he worked for the luxury Liddell linen brand. Marc is responsible for overseeing the sales activities to some of the most prestigious hotel brands and groups around the globe and has a vast knowledge and in-depth expertise of the hospitality market.

What made you want to be a judge this year?

Working with some renowned hoteliers over the last few decades, I’ve seen the vast amount of effort that goes into not only the design of a hotel but the day-to-day running of it too. I wanted to be involved this year in order to truly reward the hard work and skill, the sheer effort and determination of those involved and to really say thank you to the venues which are providing something different to their guests.

What do you think will set an entry apart from the rest?

For me, it needs to be highly individual. I’m looking for something I’ve not seen before – but it also needs to have a feeling of authenticity; not forced.

What do you think will be some key design trends over the next 12 months?

We’re going to be seeing a lot more personalisation when it comes to hotels and offering something to their guests. Though they have to cater to the masses, they also have to provide something for each and every person that comes through the door.

I also think the trend for being green and becoming more and more sustainable in both the decor and the operation of the venue is set to get bigger and be brought to the forefront as a selling point. As a supplier of luxury linen, Vision know all too well how important ethically sourced linen is and it’s something customers are asking for – more so than anything else, I’d say.

Is there anything you think is becoming less stylish and sought after in the world of hospitality?

I think the industrial trend is over for hotels as well as extremely lavish, opulent fixtures and fittings. I think there’s more of a trend of affordable luxury; guest bedrooms are concentrating on technology and doing away with huge wardrobes, dressing tables etc in favour of simpler, minimalistic rooms designed to encourage a visitor to have a great experience.

What do you personally look for when choosing a venue?

Probably due to my job, but for me, it’s the bed! I favour crisp linen, a comfy mattress and sumptuous pillow.


To enter your venue in the 2018 Vision Style Awards or to find out more about the prizes and entry requirements, be sure to visit the Vision Style Awards webpage here. Alternatively, why not read our definitive guide on hospitality interiors, our Vision Style Guide here, and your very own venue could be featured next year.