Committed to textile quality control

Our textile quality assurance services can be offered as part of a package or as a stand-alone offering to ensure you get the end-to-end service to suit your needs.

  • We excel at delivering a flexible approach; we can tailor a specific quality assurance package for you in any of our locations
  • We work with all major international test houses on textile quality control
  • We partner with BCQI, Intertek, SGS and Sedex who help us to conduct in-depth and on-site quality inspections to exact international standards
  • We have local, expert, personnel who are on-hand to ensure confidential, accurate and reliable control of your product
  • We guarantee confidentiality at all times
  • The overseas Vision offices are dedicated to keeping abreast of worldwide quality and production standards
  • Each and every product that leaves a Vision facility carries the Vision seal of approval – an assurance of quality across the world

How we promise textile quality assurance

Vision’s quality assurance services work to standards of the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL). All Vision products will be inspected according to an AQL of 2.5.

This means that the customer’s acceptable level of defects in the order quantity is lower than 2.5%. We generally work to an AQL level of 2.5 for major defects and an AQL of 4.0 for minor defects however we can adjust these standards as specified by one of our valued clients.

The assurance works by selecting a sample size and inspecting for major and minor defects. These are then counted and if the defect rises above the acceptable limit then the order is considered a reject.

This is an internationally recognised method of inspection and gives a fair representation of the percentage of faults that are to be expected in the total order.


All new suppliers and manufacturers for our quality assurance services as assessed by means of the Vision Supplier Quality Assurance, Supplier Visit Assessment and Ethical Audit Forms.

Once the original assessment is done each factory will then be subject to annual audits to ensure the original standards of quality are maintained. New accreditations, improvements in working practice are noted as well as any areas of decline.

Vision is committed to providing quality assurance services and global quality assurance to each and every customer.

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