An ultra-modern building surrounded by peaceful Spanish countryside, VIVOOD Landscape Hotel is the ultimate luxury getaway. A concept hotel, the rooms and suites offer stunning views as well as pools, whirlpool tubs or panoramic shower views.

Winner of the ‘Most Beautiful Bathroom’ category in the 2017 Vision Style Awards, we spoke to VIVOOD to find out more about the unique space and the story behind it.

vivood landscape hotel

What’s the story behind VIVOOD?

VIVOOD is the brainchild of young, entrepreneurial architect Daniel Mayo. In the wake of his successful funding of Vivo Arquitectura, an architectural studio specialising in beautifully designed small-scale projects in 2009, and deeply committed to environmental conservation, Daniel embarked on a scientific study into architectural sustainability. “VIVOOD Eco-Friendly Accommodation” is the result of that investigation.

These folding units with their unique, patented design have now come to life in the form of landscape hotels in a natural setting: VIVOOD Landscape Hotels. The first of these unique properties is set in the unspoilt valley of Guadalest.

What inspired the design that we see in VIVOOD?

All that you see and feel in VIVOOD is inspired by our five values: environment, excitement, enchantment, exclusivity and ecology.

Why was it important to create a sustainable tourism destination like VIVOOD?

Natural resources are not infinite; millions of people travel all over the world each year and the hospitality and travel industry should contribute to making an increasingly sustainable tourism offering, creating new spaces which are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability.

In fact, 2017 was declared the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).   

Tell us a little more about the design process of VIVOOD Landscape Hotel.

VIVOOD architects designed the hotel to ensure guests could enjoy nature but with all the comforts of an exclusively designed luxury hotel. We have created a truly exclusive landscape hotel and our guests can gaze out over wonderful views through the enormous panoramic windows.

Our units seem to merge with their surroundings – adapted to the terrain – we are committed to conserving and restoring the countryside that surrounds us; hidden from prying eyes. Windows overlook areas not accessible to passers-by; we have an 84,000 m2 area of countryside where guests can experience the beauty of nature in total privacy; an affordable luxury in a superb setting where the nature outside floods the room with colour; only electric service vehicles are permitted access to the site; ours is an ecological, sustainable hotel. This applies to our materials, resource management and the products we use.



Why did you decide to go for an eco-friendly space and what aspects of the hotel promote sustainability?

VIVOOD’s most important added value is the amazing natural landscape that surrounds it. To protect and preserve this asset, management implements strategic direction. We restore and care for the landscape.

Foundations are reversible and concrete-free. We use local products with a low carbon footprint. Our organic kitchen garden supplies the restaurant and lounge bar with raw ingredients or we use ingredients from local suppliers within a 30-minutes radius of the hotel. We use water-saving cleaning systems. We only use low consumption lighting. We rely on renewable energies such as solar panels.

There has been an increase in hotels and hospitality establishments ‘blurring the lines’ between indoor and outdoor spaces. Why do you think this is?

Because people demand this kind of accommodation. The traditional hotel is a thing of the past. Society changes, the tourist changes and the hospitality industry must change too. We need to adapt to new times and the changing needs of 21st century travellers.

We’re seeing a rise in the need for personalisation in hotels. How does VIVOOD create a personal experience for your guests?

We care about our guests before, during and after their arrival to determine if they have any special needs. If we know our customers, we will be able to satisfy their expectations. We have created a special program called “Excellence by VIVOOD” in which we personalise their stay down to the last detail.

vivood landscape hotel

What advice would you give to someone looking to redesign their hotel over the next 12 months?

Ask your guests what they need and listen to their answers. Don’t redesign for you, redesign for your guests.

What is your favourite part of VIVOOD?

The outdoor Jacuzzi of the premium pool suite. Guests can see the magnificent views down into the valley while enjoying a hot soak, listening to the calming sounds of nature.

What do you think sets your venue apart from the others?

VIVOOD is a pioneering network of sustainable getaway destinations offering travellers an opportunity to experience something truly different. Enjoy all the luxuries of a first-class hotel in the heart of nature, with a focus on innovation and sustainable architecture.

What advice would you give to someone looking to enter the Style Awards next year?

We encourage them to enter because it’s a great chance to be promoted throughout the international market and to show your venue and the work you have done.


To read the Vision Style Guide, please click here or to request your very own print copy, head over to the Vision Style Awards page which includes information on the brand new Vision Style Awards coming May 2018.